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ROC-SOLID™, Button-Head Buffer™ Rifle Model

Our ROC-SOLID, Button-Head Buffer ™ , the rifle model, was specifically designed to be a dual-usage system, which greatly enhances the mechanical capabilities of either the AR15-SLR or the M16-AR, with full-length lower receiver extensions/stocks.

When used in an AR15-SLR and in particular, when used in a target type HBAR15-SLR, our rifle model buffer, will give the shooter:

  • Maximized accuracy potential in your firearm
  • Reduced potential for ‘mis-fires’ in rifles using ‘lightened target hammer/trigger systems’
  • A more stable firing platform during the movements of the bolt-carrier, buffer, and action spring
  • Reduced potential for ‘mis-fires’ during rapid fire match phases
  • Vastly improved consistency…
  • A more refined cycling performance…
  • Minimizes the negative harmonic effects of  bolt-carrier and buffer oscillation during cycling

When used in an M16-AR, our rifle model buffer will allow the military/police operator to:

  • Easily accomplish 2-shot “bursts”, 100% of the time, when they are in the fully automatic firing mode; while still allowing the operator to fire longer bursts without having to fumble for their selector lever
  • Reduce full-auto training time cost$                      
  • Reduce full-auto training ammunition cost$
  • Rapidly increase operator skill levels
  • Quickly increase operator self-confidence
  • Lower the potential for wrongful death lawsuits


  • Keeps bolt-carrier centered during firing cycle
  • Eliminates factors, which can cause “bolt-carrier bounce/rebound”
  • Unitized construction produces consistent/dependable performance
  • 1,100% increase in the primary bearing surface length vs. GI type buffers
  • Lengthens the unlock timing between the barrel extension, bolt and bolt-carrier
  • Softens unlocking forces, which impact the barrel extension, bolt, bolt cam pin and bolt-carrier

All ‘Button-Head Buffer’ä components are “mission tailored” for optimal performance.

    • Button-Head is CNC machined from #440-C stainless steel
    • Heat-Treated per Mil-Std.
    • Hard-Chrome coated per Mil-Std.
    • Main Body is CNC machined from #7075T6 aircraft aluminum alloy.
    • Hard-Coat anodized per Mil-Std.
    • Slotted Spring Pin is #420 stainless steel
    • All metals are cryogenically treated
    • Yellow Bumper Pad is a custom select durometer polyurethane-elastomer
    • Each buffer is hand calibrated for mass and balance
    • Designed specifically for use with a U.S. Mil-Std action/recoil spring only
    • All materials are USA.  Totally manufactured in the USA.

    MSRP: US$150
    Free Shipping via Insured Priority mail, within CONUS

    Note:  This item is available to the general public