Tactical Equipment for the Quiet Profesional  



Founded in 1987 by Capt. J.B. Hohlfeld, USAR (Ret.), ROC is dedicated to ongoing research into Special Operations tactics, strategy and equipment.  Through the years ROC has trained/advised: DOD, Police SWAT/SRT, Corporate Security and various US State Dept. approved UN and international personnel. 

In 1987, Mr. C.R. Tompsett and Mr. T.D. Adams made Capt. Hohlfeld aware of the ‘Accura Stabilizer’ muzzle device for firearms. The Accura Technology Corporation required periodic field T&E of their muzzle device on full-automatic M16’s and M4’s.  Capt. Hohlfeld saw the immediate need for such a device on fully-automatic firearms and agreed to assist in their research.

In 1995, Capt. Hohlfeld and Mr. Adams were joined in their ongoing research of the ‘Accura Stabilizer’ by HMC Bill Black, USN (Ret.), a Distinguished (Rifle & Pistol) shooter.  Capt. Hohlfeld and Mr. Adams would continue studying the fully-automatic capabilities of the device, while HMC Black would determine the devices potential for precision rifle applications. Between 1998 and 2002 Capt. Hohlfeld and HMC Black conducted intensive R&D/T&E studies which resulted in the ‘ROC-Steady’™ adjustable muzzle stabilizer.  In 2003, the ‘ROC-Steady’™ went into production.

At that point, Capt. Hohlfeld, Mr. Adams and HMC Black could now refocus their efforts back on to another project they had been researching for many years, which centered around the existing GI buffer designs commonly used in the AR10/AR15/M16/M4 firearms family. Mr. Tom Provost joined the Ranger Outreach Center team to coordinate the production of the various ROC products. The final phase of R&D/T&E, resulted in an extensive redesigning of the rifle buffer, as well as the birth of an entirely new and innovative buffer design for the M4 carbine firearms family (9mm/45ACP/233/7.62x39).  This research has culminated in the production of two distinct, yet closely related, ‘Button-Head Buffer’™ designs.

As first envisioned years ago by Capt. Hohlfeld, the combination of the individual components is:



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