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ROC-SOLID™, Button-Head Buffer™ M-4 Carbine Model

ROC-SOLID, ‘Button-Head Buffer’  M-4 Carbine Model

Our M4 carbine model, ROC-SOLID, ‘Button-Head Buffer’, was designed to give the operator maximum flexibility and fire control while in the fully automatic mode.

The following is common for M4 carbines chambered in: 9x19mm, 45ACP, 5.56x45mm, and 7.62x39mm.

  • Will significantly enhance the accuracy potential of your firearm
  • The operator can easily accomplish 2-shot “burst-fire”, 100% of the time, while in the fully automatic mode
  • Should the tactical situation dictate, the operator can fire longer bursts without having to search for their selector
  • Reduce full-auto training time cost$
  • Reduce full-auto training ammunition cost$
  • Rapidly increase operator skill levels
  • Quickly increase operator self-confidence
  • Lower the potential for wrongful death law-suites


  • Eliminates factors, which can cause “bolt-carrier bounce/rebound”
  • Eliminates factors, which can cause “dead-hammer fall” during rapid-semi and fully automatic firing

All ‘Button-Head Buffer’™ components are “mission tailored” for optimal performance.

  • M4 Button-Head is CNC machined from #440-C stainless steel
  • M4 Main Body is CNC machined from #440-C stainless steel
  • Heat-Treated per Mil-Std.
  • Hard-Chrome coated per Mil-Std.
  • Slotted Spring Pin is #420 stainless steel
  • All metals are cryogenically treated
  • Yellow Bumper Pad is a custom select durometer polyurethane-elastomer
  • Each buffer is hand calibrated for mass and balance
  • Designed specifically for use with a U.S. Mil-Std action/recoil spring only
  • All materials are USA.  Totally manufactured in the USA



MSRP:  US$175

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